Get Involved: Volunteers

The Well is not just a training program, but part of a working solution to the complex challenge of effective ministry in marginalised communities.  These complex organic systems require many people working together, each bringing their gifts and resources, but also receiving abundantly from the communities.  We help to provide training for those wanting to become involved, and to ensure all our volunteers understand some of our basic principles around what it means to both serve and to be served in a marginalised community.

This affords us opportunities for people to become involved in many ways, including:

  • Becoming a tutor for an intern, helping as they progress through their courses.  This can range from one-off times to regular weekly support.
  • Providing subject matter expertise.  Using your experience to help develop solutions to complex problems.  What you have learned in your own life, ministry and work is valuable!
  • Providing professional services to support work in a local community.  Legal, medical, counseling, accounting and business support are all lacking in marginalised communities and are an essential part of seeing overall change take place. 
  • Program support.  From helping at a local school to being part of providing basic needs to people, our interns and church clusters often have roles for people to join in service.

If you would like to find out more information or schedule a time to meet with someone on our team, please contact us.