The Well Training

Ministry Training for Marginalised Areas

Welcome to The Well Training

We exist primarily to develop leaders in marginalised communities to launch new Gospel work, enhance existing work and together find solutions for complex systemic issues.  

We do this by providing high quality, contextualised and culturally appropriate immersive training to those who have shown faithfulness,  ministry and leadership skills and a desire to grow.  We especially look for entrepreneurs and pioneers.  We look for those who haven’t fit into the existing educational and ministry training systems.  

We work in close partnership with others across a broad sphere of mission and ministry to be part of solving complex issues in the organic living systems.

We also provide coaching and consulting support for existing work and for those desiring to work in these contexts.  

If you would like to find out more information or schedule a time to meet with someone on our team, please contact us.



St James Anglican Church

40 Halinda Street

Whalan NSW 2770