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Our entire structure is built around the local church, or clusters of local churches. There are a number of ways local churches can become involved, including:

Becoming a site location for an intern.

Becoming part of a local cluster of churches working together to reach new communities.

Becoming a supporting church who supports other churches reaching into new marginalised communities

Sending people from your church through some or all of the training for work in marginalised communities

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Training people for ministry requires many people working together, each bringing their gifts and resources.

We provide training for those wanting to volunteers to they understand some of our basic principles around what it means to both serve and to be served in a marginalised community.

Becoming a tutor for an intern, helping as they progress through their courses.

Providing subject matter expertise. Using your experience to help develop solutions to complex problems.

Providing professional services to support work in a local community. Such as legal, medical, counselling, accounting and more

Providing basic needs to people, our interns, assisting in local schools and serving in local churches.

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