Our Mission

The Well Training exists primarily to develop new leaders for marginalised communities.  Our extensive research, along with those of our partners, has shown that marginalised communities remain underserved not just by general society but also by the churches.

We believe that God has people in (and for) these communities that are being raised up to serve, to develop new congregations and churches, start new ministries, develop new businesses and create sustainable work, but there is a lack of training and that barriers have been put in place making this work even more difficult.

We exist to provide high quality, contextualised and culturally appropriate immersive training.  We look for those who have shown faithfulness,  ministry and leadership skills and a desire to grow.  We especially look for entrepreneurs and pioneers.  We look for those who haven’t fit into the existing educational and ministry training systems.  

We also know that these communities are complex organic systems, and that no single solution exists to solving complex issues, and as such we work in collaboration with others on these issues.  Kingdom partnerships are a critical part of who we are and a way we look to serve not just those in our training but the wider communities and context.  

We adopt an assets-based approach, where we look to build on the strengths God has placed in communities, most often His people.  This is in contrast to the deficits approach that many others have taken, where they identify problems and try to fix them.  As many of our colleagues have said, people in our communities are not problems to be solved, but are rather people created in the image of the Creator, making them truly amazing!!  Despite what society has labelled people in marginalised communities, we see each person we meet as being of the highest value, and that each person has something incredible to share with the rest of us.

We also adopt what our friends call a ‘Theology of Abundance’, not one of scarcity.  That means we believe God has given us abundance, and we want to share that.  We don’t fear others taking what we have.  For us in reading Scripture some of the most powerful examples of giving came from those who seemingly had the least.  They weren’t afraid to give it all up.  We don’t believe that giving is only for those who have the most, those in positions of power, those who society has deemed the powerful.  We believe in fact that we can’t ever truly function as the Body of Christ unless all parts are functioning together, where each part contributes.  Even the smallest, poorest church has amazing things to give to the large churches. Don’t believe us?  Have a quick read of 1 Corinthians 12 and James 2! This means if we have something you need, let us know!

If you would like to find out more information or schedule a time to meet with someone on our team, please contact us.