About Us​

Who Are We?

We are a team dedicated to developing leaders in marginalised communities to launch new Gospel work,
enhance existing work and together find solutions for complex systemic issues.  

Though the Well Training is a new initiative, our team is made up of practitioners with decades of experience serving these communities, educators with skills for developing leaders, coaches and trainers who love to pour into others, tutors and support people who know how to help those who don’t fit into our “normal” educational systems.

We also help local churches understand their local context, how the systems of the community function, how to build partnerships and work in clusters to more effectively reach their communities.  We help churches and ministries to exegete communities, troubleshoot existing work and find new solutions.

We believe God has gifted all communities with amazing assets, most often in the form of people who love Him (or will love Him soon!) and that the best way to minister in a community is using an assets based approach, building on strengths, enhancing existing work, removing barriers and building up. 

We find that many outside our communities know more of the problems of the communities than the strengths, so we also exist to educate and train those desiring to come in and be part of the work.  Too often well intentioned people have done more damage to communities through their service, not understanding God’s existing work.  

Did we mention it was complex??

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