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Coaches and Trainers

Our coaches

The Well believes we work best in teams, and that we all need support as we serve in ministry. An essential part of this for all our interns is a Coach. Our coaches have specific skills in helping an Intern identify their strengths and challenges, working together to develop a plan to move forward. Our Coaches don’t tell the Interns what to do, but rather work with the overall team to ensure each Intern is being helped in the best possible ways. Great coaches don’t try and make us not something we are not, but instead draw out the best in us, push us to places we never thought we could go, support us in our failures and cheer us on the loudest.

Meet some of

our trainers!

The Well Training believes that the best training and development takes place in the field, and uses an apprenticeship style model. Each intern has a Trainer, someone who has experience in ministry and skills to train others. This person provides regular input to the intern and is responsible for working with them to develop their skills in the field.


—Meet Neil—

Neil is the lead pastor for Park Rail Anglican in the marginalised suburb of Albion Park Rail. He is husband to Kirsty and father to Jaedon, Anthea and Eloise.  He planted the church 11 years ago and have seen slow and encouraging growth.  He and his family live with and deeply love the community that God has blessed them with.  Interests include serving Jesus, surfing, and camping.      


—Meet Mark—

Mark has been an Anglican minister since 2000 and started serving as the Senior Minister at St. Clement’s Lalor Park in April 2012. He is married to Alison and they have four children. Mark loves talking to people about how great Jesus is, watching sport (especially motorsport), and writing and recording music (you can hear his music on SoundCloud).